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Color laser.

18 April 2008 | Art, Life | No Comments

I picked up a Xerox Phaser 6100 color laser printer at The Brown Elephant thrift shop today, for $25. Quite a steal. It looks to maybe need a new yellow toner cartridge, but all else is fine. Black toner has barely been used, as well. Time to get some high quality color laser paper and […]

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Chuck D is online, free.

18 April 2008 | Life | No Comments

And by Chuck D, I mean Charles Darwin. His complete writings are available free at Darwin Online. Oh, and this comic I got a good chuckle out of.

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Light pole advertisement.

14 April 2008 | Godlessness | No Comments

On the Northwest corner of North & Sheffield, right in front of the Bank of America ATM, someone has pasted a sticker to the traffic light post. It says “The Bible, taken literally, is a horror.” It has the website on it. It’s apparently a book written by an atheist communist. There are excerpts on […]

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50 most loathsome people 2007.

9 April 2008 | Politics | No Comments

Number 9 is a fun one: 9. You Charges: You believe in freedom of speech, until someone says something that offends you. You suddenly give a damn about border integrity, because the automated voice system at your pharmacy asked you to press 9 for Spanish. You cling to every scrap of bullshit you can find […]

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Reading that book.

6 April 2008 | Godlessness | No Comments

After finishing The God Delusion and The Quotable Atheist, I’ve decided to give the Christian bible a read through. Not because I think it will change my mind in any way, but just to see the nonsense and contradiction firsthand. Just over halfway into Genesis and I can tell that it is a poorly written […]

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This woman is not my rep.

4 April 2008 | Politics | No Comments

IL state rep Monique Davis was involved in a heated exchange with Rob Sherman (outspoken atheist) in the IL General Assembly (Sherman was testifying in regards to a grant the governor awarded to a church via a school). She said: This is the Land of Lincoln where people believe in God, where people believe in […]

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2 April 2008 | Godlessness | 2 Comments

This will become an atheism oriented blog. I’ve been reading a lot of atheist books and blogs recently, and they all arouse strong feelings in me about the evils of organized religion and religious fanaticism. In my daily life and work, there’s not much I can really do about such things except speak out. This […]

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