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Site layout

8 May 2009 | Life | No Comments

I’ve been wondering if the layout of this site is in need of changing. I like the minimalist look, and haven’t found any other WordPress templates that are really minimalist in the same way at all, but what do others think of it? I won’t comment on it being too simple to keep readers’ interest, […]

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Ebook app

4 May 2009 | Godlessness | No Comments

I’ve downloaded Stanza onto my iPhone. It’s a great little ebook app, and free. It’s got a direct link inside the app to many ebook resources, both free and paid. Today I’ve been using it to read an old free title, Logic by Carveth Read. It’s good to finally read up on the principles of […]

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iPhone app

4 May 2009 | Writing | No Comments

I am testing out the WordPress app for the iPhone. It seems pretty easy to use, and nicely featured. I’m still getting used to the iPhone keyboard, though. I have large hands, so it can be a challenge at times. My big thumbs often hit the space bar instead of the ‘n’. Still, I like […]

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