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Color laser.

18 April 2008 | Art, Life | No Comments

I picked up a Xerox Phaser 6100 color laser printer at The Brown Elephant thrift shop today, for $25. Quite a steal. It looks to maybe need a new yellow toner cartridge, but all else is fine. Black toner has barely been used, as well. Time to get some high quality color laser paper and […]

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James Jean

12 May 2006 | Art | No Comments

I came across James Jean’s work yesterday while I was wasting time. Dark, yet not grotesque or obscene, and sad, and beautiful. I particularly like this piece.

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Outsider art.

31 March 2006 | Art | No Comments

Is it crazy to want to read a 15,000 page manuscript? Or a 25,000 page manuscript? I just read about these, and I really, really, really want to read them, front to back, in their entirety. With the speed of my reading, let’s see… about 1000 pages a month, so a little over three years […]

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