…sticky. My face, my hands, covered in sweet and sticky juices, and I’m doing my best to lick myself clean.
I’ve been cutting mangos for most of the morning. I am improvising a mango chipotle stew (I love improvised cooking – though I own more vegan cookbooks than you could shake a carrot stick at – I get a great deal of joy from making a dish up on the spot), and, as I love mangos more than any other fruit, more than nearly any other food, I am taking to opportunity to suck, lick, bite, and chew every last bit of mango flesh left on the pits and the skins as I prep my fleshy fruit. I’m going to have to wash my face thoroughly after cooking, as these sticky sweet drippings are making ‘flavor savor’ quite the aptronym today.
I love food. I doubt you could find me a vegan, though, who does not love food, who does not take a great deal of joy and ecstasy from the act of eating or even making food. The vegans I know all talk more about food than other people, cook more often than other people, and eat even a great deal more than other people (fat and skinny vegans alike).
I must go dice the onions now, and chop the chipotles, cut the corn kernels from the cob, give the cilantro a rinse…