After finishing The God Delusion and The Quotable Atheist, I’ve decided to give the Christian bible a read through. Not because I think it will change my mind in any way, but just to see the nonsense and contradiction firsthand.
Just over halfway into Genesis and I can tell that it is a poorly written narrative. Being the King James the verse itself is fascinating, but the overall structure of it is obviously written by the minds of men thousands of years ago. It rambles on about things that have no bearing on the central ideas (this man begat these men who begat these men, yadda yadda). Covenants with certain characters are repeated within short spans of text apparently as a result of an uneducated mind or a culture with little or not literary history. God in Genesis seems to be a personality of the type you’d find in ancient times – inexperienced, testy, playing games with men, possessed of no knowledge except that of his own making (“Things are this way because I said so, so there”). It is, overall, not a very interesting read. What interests me most is the idea that anyone would find any of this cause enough for belief in anything. Why?
I would say simply because they are desperate for something to give their life meaning, and are likely intellectually incapable of handling the reality of the world.