Do I have an addiction to caffeine?
I love coffee to no end. I love the taste; I love the smell; I love the varying characteristics of varietals; I love the dark, smooth taste of espresso and hot soymilk; I love the way it makes me feel. I’m not addicted to coffee, though. I can easily substitute any number of caffeinated substances for coffee when I’m craving the feeling, or when I reason that the way my head feels and/or my lack of energy is due to missing some caffeine for the day. Energy drinks, caffeinated mints, Excedrine (assuming I have a migraine), strong black tea, maybe even a wash with caffeinated soap (no, I haven’t done that yet).

This has made me think I’ve become dependant on caffeine, at least a little bit. However, each time I’ve thought to stop drinking caffeinated beverages for a short while (three days to a week) has been easy, and without serious withdrawal issues. And yet, when I get back into the world of caffeinated beverages, it has a markedly larger effect on me than before, so it’s apparent there was some desensitizing due to dependancy and continued consumption.
Nevertheless, I’m not pulling away from coffee anytime soon. I love the entire act, the process, of drinking coffee too much, in addition to the smell, taste, and effect. I’m now roasting my own coffee beans. I’ve bought green Ethiopean Yrgacheffe from The Coffee and Tea Exchange on Broadway and I roast them fresh before grinding and brewing in the morning. I’ve never had coffee so delicious before.