I’ve been wondering if the layout of this site is in need of changing. I like the minimalist look, and haven’t found any other WordPress templates that are really minimalist in the same way at all, but what do others think of it? I won’t comment on it being too simple to keep readers’ interest, as the lack of interest would mostly be due to the infrequency of my posting. Does it suit me? Does the blog fit what perceptions my friends may have of me?
I have been sick since Tuesday this week. On Tuesday, I had congestion, a headache, then muscle aches, fever, and chills. Thankfully that was mostly gone by the next morning, except the congestion. The congestion lasted through until Thursday morning, when it progressed down to my throat, giving me a sore throat and cough, and at the end of the day, no voice. Today I still can’t talk, though I do feel a slight bit better. Not being able to talk is quite discomforting for me though. I love to talk, and I always seem to think I have something important to say or to share, especially at work. I can make some rather quiet whisper-like talk, but I’m avoiding it as much as I can in order to coax my vocal cords and throat to heal faster. I thought by now they’d be a bit better, but they really aren’t. I’ve never lost my voice due to being sick before, so I’m not sure how long is normal to be without the ability to speak. If I still can’t talk on Monday, then I’ll get worried.