Right now, it seems that I have a lot of challenges, a lot of opportunities for growth. It seems I have many behaviors that I need to work on to improve upon. Thinking of them all, all at once, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That the task ahead of addressing them in insurmountable. That the nature and size of them is such that I’ve already failed before I’ve begun. 

They are all interconnected, though. Yes, that is a plus, not a minus. Though you’d think that them all being interconnected means you have one significant, gargantuan challenge to tackle, it doesn’t. It means that each and every small step you take on each individual one is a step that works on the whole challenge and makes progress on them all. Each tiny step is not a tiny step on something enormous; each is a small amount of progress on every one of the interconnected challenges. When you take that first step of writing down your daily plan of how to, say, not be lazy for example, that is also the first step towards self-confidence, the first step towards being organized, the first step towards more effective self-reflection, the first step towards challenging your fear and anxiety, the first step towards doing more for others. Every small part of yourself you work on improves the whole in so many other ways. 

You are making progress on everything each time you make progress on something you feel is small. 

As usual, I write this for myself, but if you find something in these words that speaks to you and helps you, I will be glad.