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I drank

21 May 2006 | Life | 1 Comment

I drank more sake than I should have last night. To be honest, I’ve been on a bit of a binge the past few days, consuming massive quantities of things I shouldn’t. Sugary sweets (two bags of Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Cookies, nearly a pound of dark chocolate covered espresso beans, chocolate covered ginger, vegan marshmellow […]

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I am

17 May 2006 | Life | No Comments

…sticky. My face, my hands, covered in sweet and sticky juices, and I’m doing my best to lick myself clean. I’ve been cutting mangos for most of the morning. I am improvising a mango chipotle stew (I love improvised cooking – though I own more vegan cookbooks than you could shake a carrot stick at […]

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Hatin’ christians.

12 May 2006 | Life | No Comments

Why? We’re opinionated, but harmless. And, not to mention, we actually think.

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James Jean

12 May 2006 | Art | No Comments

I came across James Jean’s work yesterday while I was wasting time. Dark, yet not grotesque or obscene, and sad, and beautiful. I particularly like this piece.

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First words.

1 May 2006 | Life | No Comments

I woke around nine this morning. As usual, I had some very odd dreams, so I laid around in the bed a bit and thought about them, tried to keep them fresh in my memory. I feel I’ll have to start writing them down when I can – they would be excellent creative fodder for […]

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