I saw today that a facebook friend (someone I knew from high school) joined a group “i bet i CAN find 10,000,000 Christians on facebook”.
I’d like to watch it and see if they do actually get 10 million. That is less than 10% of users, and in a little under 2 months of existence the group is at 100,000 members. What leads me to doubt the possibility of it growing to 10 million is the Christians by tradition (lack of real firm belief, but raised in a Christian family and never paid attention to doubt or questioning); Christians of more extreme or fanatical sects who may not be interested in joining the group because they don’t believe the others “Christian” enough, such as Jehovah’s Witnesses; and Mormons and “Messianic Jews” who are Christian but don’t define themselves as such.
Facebook, of course, is also an international site, so I’d also wonder what percentage of users are Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or any other of the world’s major religions.

I wonder – how many atheists would join a similar group on facebook?