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Outsider art.

31 March 2006 | Art | No Comments

Is it crazy to want to read a 15,000 page manuscript? Or a 25,000 page manuscript? I just read about these, and I really, really, really want to read them, front to back, in their entirety. With the speed of my reading, let’s see… about 1000 pages a month, so a little over three years […]

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30 March 2006 | Politics | No Comments

Map of casualties of the war in Iraq.

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29 March 2006 | Life | No Comments

I am sick. I don’t feel “sick” sick, it’s just a sore throat, but it’s terribly sore. I didn’t go to Trace Tuesday night because I wasn’t feeling quite up to it. I stopped talking for the last hour of work today because it hurt so much. And my glands are a little swollen. Lame. […]

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Will wonders never cease?

22 March 2006 | Life | No Comments

I was at The Chicago Diner this evening, and a man walked in with a very long (maybe 4 inches on each side), thin, waxed handlebar mustache and a very thin braided rat tail. Skinny young kid (early 20’s) with glasses. I am going to assume he’s a renny or some sort of D&D dork, […]

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The Wire.

22 March 2006 | Life | No Comments

I recently subscribed to The Wire, and they sent me five cd’s. The Wire Tapper discs 1-4, and a compilation called Domino 06 – A Snapshot from the 2006 Domino 10 Day. Excellent stuff. I have loved the wire for a long time, ever since I bought the issue that came with The Wire Tapper […]

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