I am sick. I don’t feel “sick” sick, it’s just a sore throat, but it’s terribly sore. I didn’t go to Trace Tuesday night because I wasn’t feeling quite up to it. I stopped talking for the last hour of work today because it hurt so much. And my glands are a little swollen. Lame. Something has been going around at work, but with everyone else it’s been a vicious cold – sneezing, coughing, snotty noses and all that. Me? Haven’t coughed one damn time at yet my throat hurts. Coworkers have suggested strep throat.
Lamer than lame. Jolly lame. Dog lame. Inexcusable. (Shout out to the Almost Live fans out there.)
So I got another issue of Wire with another CD. No, they don’t really come out that fast – when I subscribed I asked for an issue that was already out, since I didn’t think I’d find it in stores. So that’s why they’ve arrived so close to each other.

It sucks that likely I won’t be able to use my voice much tomorrow, as Thursday afternoon is when I have my vocal class. I will go, though, to at least get the handouts the teacher is likely to give, and because I want to talk to the cute girl in class that’s into improv.

I’m trying to grow the mustache back in after several years (3 or more) without it, but it’s not working right yet. It looks very very lame. There’s a patch of paler hairs on one side, so it looks like I shaved it crooked, even though I didn’t. Bleh.

Oh, and I got a call from Godaddy.com the other day. Apparently I’ve been on the old hosting plan for quite some time. I panicked for a moment wondering what they’ve changed that I’ll have to switch to. Nothing, the guy on the phone says, except – $3 cheaper a month, and 50 gigabytes of storage space.
Fuckin’ a.