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Everything begins with small steps

3 December 2018 | Life | No Comments

Right now, it seems that I have a lot of challenges, a lot of opportunities for growth. It seems I have┬ámany┬ábehaviors that I need to work on to improve upon. Thinking of them all, all at once, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That the task ahead of addressing them in insurmountable. That the nature and […]

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Ask for what you want.

2 December 2018 | Life | No Comments

This is not an easy lesson for me to learn. I have tendencies to feel like I am a bother to others, an inconvenience. As if they don’t really like or want me, like I’m not good enough. As such, asking for things feels like a huge burden to place upon someone else. Why would they […]

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Lessons on growth

1 December 2018 | Life | No Comments

Be gentle to yourself. That’s the first and most important lesson I am learning from therapy, and some recent life experiences that have challenged me. You have to be gentle with yourself. And I write this to get my thoughts out and direct them at myself mostly, yes, but perhaps they will help you if […]

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Triple Boot Macbook Pro

23 November 2016 | Life | No Comments

I rescued a Macbook Pro from ecycle at work, and took the chance to triple boot it. It’s a 2011 15″ model, with an i7 processor, so fairly recent and powerful (Macs have a long lifespan). I came across many guides to triple-booting, including: How to Triple Boot a MacbookPro (with Retina display) […]

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What can I do?

6 July 2016 | Life | No Comments

What can I do? That’s my thought tonight. There was a second “officer involved shooting” in the news today, this one in Minneapolis. Philando Castile, shot 4 times while reaching for his wallet, as ordered by officers. This after Alton Sterling’s murder yesterday in Baton Rouge. What can I do? Being vocal on Twitter and […]

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New habits

19 January 2015 | Life | No Comments

I have been struggling lately with the fact that I am getting older. The frivolity and freedom of youth is gone, and I am well into the adulthood of responsibility and obligation. This has lead to me thinking about death, and that one day I will no longer exist. It’s not a pleasant thought, though […]

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I drove by the object in the Valve ARG puzzle.

8 April 2011 | Life | 1 Comment

Here’s a rather dark and grainy iPhone 3G picture, but you can tell it’s the same one. More info on the Valve ARG here.

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This is a test of a new WordPress plugin.

22 March 2011 | Life | No Comments

Which is supposed to feed the post into facebook.

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Karen reading

28 July 2009 | Life | No Comments

I think this is a beautiful picture. She was stopping by my store to have lunch, and I snapped this while she was sitting outside reading.

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23 June 2009 | Life | No Comments

I went strawberry picking with some friends on Sunday, and this cute little guy was hanging out in the patch.

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