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Narrative, Interrogative

18 April 2006 | Life | No Comments

This is a first draft of a short experimental piece I am working on. Feedback is appreciated. Narrative, Interrogative

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3rd bed.

5 April 2006 | Life | No Comments

Yesterday marked the arrival of my package in the mail, my package wrapping tightly within its confines 3rd Bed issues 1 through 10, Stories in the Worst Way by Gary Lutz, The False Sun Recordings by James Wagner, and (strangely) another copy of Motorman by David Ohle. This occasion (the books’ arrival) was celebrated by […]

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2 April 2006 | Life | No Comments

I was working the customer service desk today (closing shift), when I noticed a notebook in the trash. Not just any notebook, but a Moleskine to be precise. CJ (who was working customer service desk midshift) had decided to clean out the Lost & Found box and threw it out, as it had been there […]

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29 March 2006 | Life | No Comments

I am sick. I don’t feel “sick” sick, it’s just a sore throat, but it’s terribly sore. I didn’t go to Trace Tuesday night because I wasn’t feeling quite up to it. I stopped talking for the last hour of work today because it hurt so much. And my glands are a little swollen. Lame. […]

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Will wonders never cease?

22 March 2006 | Life | No Comments

I was at The Chicago Diner this evening, and a man walked in with a very long (maybe 4 inches on each side), thin, waxed handlebar mustache and a very thin braided rat tail. Skinny young kid (early 20’s) with glasses. I am going to assume he’s a renny or some sort of D&D dork, […]

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The Wire.

22 March 2006 | Life | No Comments

I recently subscribed to The Wire, and they sent me five cd’s. The Wire Tapper discs 1-4, and a compilation called Domino 06 – A Snapshot from the 2006 Domino 10 Day. Excellent stuff. I have loved the wire for a long time, ever since I bought the issue that came with The Wire Tapper […]

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8 February 2006 | Life | No Comments

Who here (aside from dear Samantha) has been or is familiar with New York City? I’ll be visiting there March 9th-13th, wondering what is cool and is must see, needs to be checked out, et hoc genus omne. Bonus points for things very much not-touristy. Give me some pointers, I’ll endlessly be in your debt. […]

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