While walking home from work tonight, there was the most beautiful moon. Nearly a sliver of a crescent, and deep orange. I wished I had my better camera with me. The zoom on my digital would not have been enough to capture the sight accurately.
As I walked up Sheffield, I passed a ‘guy’ – a stereotypical beer commercial guy type – wearing a T-shirt that said “Hung Like a Republican”, with the elephant logo on it. If I hadn’t been so absorbed in the music I was listening to on my iPod, I would have stopped to express my sympathies for his plight.
I dislike this tiny apartment more and more with each passing day. The hot water is typically less than lukewarm, and takes a great deal of time to get hot. I feel I waste an insane amount of water just to get it warm enough to do the dishes. This place is also still way too small for me. It’s a heinous job to clean it, as even when as organized as it possibly can be, it’s still crowded.
I am excited about visiting my brother and his family the week after next. It’s really not good that my niece will be nearly two and I’m meeting her for the first time. Yes, however, that is my own fault for not visiting them more often.
Software update recently updated all 3 of my Macs to 10.4.7, which has eliminated the glitch that caused random freezing and crashing when running the mlan software necessary to use my Presonus Firestation. Great news, as I don’t have to buy a new audio interface. I loved the features and the sound of the Firestation anyway, so it would have been a tough situation to find something new that I like.
My new issue of The Wire arrived in the mail today. Again, I cannot reiterate enough, that I think this is the single greatest music magazine ever. Not pretentious, no caustic insulting reviews, and spanning genres beyond disparate – genres spread far and wide, scattered to the winds. Current 93 is on the cover (or the one man who is the driving, and only constant member, of the group). I recall how much Myke C-Town loved them, and feel I should give their music another chance. Dark can be good, but dark for dark’s sake may as well be goth, which I loathe. This issue also has a good article on Die Tödliche Doris. I have all of their works (you can download them all free from their website) – dark, but for humor’s sake. Very bizzare, avant-garde, and (dare I say it?) absurdist. Again with Ant and the Absurdism, eh?