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Color laser.

18 April 2008 | Art, Life | No Comments

I picked up a Xerox Phaser 6100 color laser printer at The Brown Elephant thrift shop today, for $25. Quite a steal. It looks to maybe need a new yellow toner cartridge, but all else is fine. Black toner has barely been used, as well. Time to get some high quality color laser paper and […]

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Chuck D is online, free.

18 April 2008 | Life | No Comments

And by Chuck D, I mean Charles Darwin. His complete writings are available free at Darwin Online. Oh, and this comic I got a good chuckle out of.

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Long time, no sea.

16 June 2007 | Life | 1 Comment

I have missed the ocean recently. Karen and I really should plan a trip to Florida. Large updates: Karen and I were married one month ago today. One month and one day ago today I was promoted to Associate Team Leader. Things are going well in Chicago. I really need to write a great deal […]

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17 January 2007 | Life | No Comments

So, I’ve been quiet, I know. I’ve owed an update for many months, as well as a comment here or there. I haven’t updated my LJ, Myspace blog, nor my blog in several months (not since July for that last one). What’s been going on with A., you wonder? Well, for starters, in September, […]

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1 July 2006 | Life | 1 Comment

While walking home from work tonight, there was the most beautiful moon. Nearly a sliver of a crescent, and deep orange. I wished I had my better camera with me. The zoom on my digital would not have been enough to capture the sight accurately. As I walked up Sheffield, I passed a ‘guy’ – […]

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Here I write

8 June 2006 | Life | No Comments

Today I have somehow found the motivation to write something. Minor updates of sorts, nothing spectacular or exceedingly fascinating here. I’ve been walking to and from work instead of taking the train. It’s 2.6 miles each way, about a 35-40 minute walk, depending on my energy. I’m glad to be getting some regular exercise, even […]

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I drank

21 May 2006 | Life | 1 Comment

I drank more sake than I should have last night. To be honest, I’ve been on a bit of a binge the past few days, consuming massive quantities of things I shouldn’t. Sugary sweets (two bags of Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Cookies, nearly a pound of dark chocolate covered espresso beans, chocolate covered ginger, vegan marshmellow […]

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I am

17 May 2006 | Life | No Comments

…sticky. My face, my hands, covered in sweet and sticky juices, and I’m doing my best to lick myself clean. I’ve been cutting mangos for most of the morning. I am improvising a mango chipotle stew (I love improvised cooking – though I own more vegan cookbooks than you could shake a carrot stick at […]

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Hatin’ christians.

12 May 2006 | Life | No Comments

Why? We’re opinionated, but harmless. And, not to mention, we actually think.

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First words.

1 May 2006 | Life | No Comments

I woke around nine this morning. As usual, I had some very odd dreams, so I laid around in the bed a bit and thought about them, tried to keep them fresh in my memory. I feel I’ll have to start writing them down when I can – they would be excellent creative fodder for […]

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