Maybe the reason I’m so bad at keeping my blog posts up to date is that I’m terribly lazy about linking. Most blogs discuss news, other blogs, or various things on the web, and link to them give the reader info/background on the subject. I’m terribly lazy about linking. If it were easier to simply drag and drop a link, maybe I’d be more inclined to do so.

Today I won’t be so lazy, and I’ll link to a post on the Vegan Cupcakes blog about Vegan Stollen. And I’ll keep it atheist-oriented by referring you to the first comment on the post, where it is mentioned that the stollen was originally meant to look like baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes. So, more atheists should make and eat stollen, as everyone knows that atheists love to eat babies.

Also, this makes me sad that this bowl is no longer available, though I doubt Karen would like it around the house anyway. It is a bit creepy.

For Festivus/Christmas/Kwanzaa/whatever, I have a short list. A nice silver Flying Spaghetti Monster lapel pin, a few iPhone Gift Cards, a red chef’s coat, and the James Jean Fables Covers book.

In regards to a previous post I made about not making habits, I must admit I do have one. I spend too much time online when at home, reading and absorbing mostly useless information instead of being productive. This is a habit I am intent on breaking myself of. I hope to spend more of my time online now in a productive manner – blogging or writing email – and less time online in general when at home. This means more time cleaning, cooking, and creating (hopefully).

In that regard, tonight is the night to break out the notebooks and finish some lyrics.