I recently subscribed to The Wire, and they sent me five cd’s. The Wire Tapper discs 1-4, and a compilation called Domino 06 – A Snapshot from the 2006 Domino 10 Day. Excellent stuff. I have loved the wire for a long time, ever since I bought the issue that came with The Wire Tapper 10 (a double cd that turned me onto Four Tet). There’s even more amazing stuff on these discs, from as far back as 1998 (that seems so long ago now, doesn’t it?). I anxiously await my first issue. It is the most un-pretentious music magazine I have ever come across, maybe aside from Paste. The reviews are fair and descriptive, and unlike Pitchfork, rarely vile and scathing even if they genuinely dislike something. I suppose the difference is these people are music lovers while Pitchfork is full of trendy hipsters.
I suggest you check out a copy if you ever see it.