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16 December 2008 | Life | No Comments

Do I have an addiction to caffeine? I love coffee to no end. I love the taste; I love the smell; I love the varying characteristics of varietals; I love the dark, smooth taste of espresso and hot soymilk; I love the way it makes me feel. I’m not addicted to coffee, though. I can […]

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13 December 2008 | Godlessness, Life | No Comments

Maybe the reason I’m so bad at keeping my blog posts up to date is that I’m terribly lazy about linking. Most blogs discuss news, other blogs, or various things on the web, and link to them give the reader info/background on the subject. I’m terribly lazy about linking. If it were easier to simply […]

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To write, but of what…

5 December 2008 | Godlessness | 1 Comment

I haven’t written in a long time, that much is obvious. Why I haven’t written is probably due to my attention span for creating things (not all that long, I assure you) as well as my habit-making abilities, of which I have none. Whether good or bad, I can’t seem to make a habit of […]

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